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This site provides public record access for the Continental Superior Court System of the United States (the peoples grand juries). As each state of the organic union becomes operational we will be posting their court records here… if they so desire to have a public record posted. Otherwise we will post a link to their public site. Only Grand Jury documents and Orders of the Grand Juries that have been signed will be posted here.

We will be posting Official Oaths of office and Identification/Photo’s of all Official Continental Jurisdiction Marshals and Superior Court Judges (Note Disclaimer: There is No connection, No representation, No relation, or authority associated with Statutory or De Facto Jurisdiction.)


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Our Sister sites is located here: Four Corners Doctrine


International Commercial Recording Office

ICROPA.COM which is the Public records site for the people.



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  1. I never thought I would see this in my lifetime unless God intervened directly to purge this planet of the Satanic Jesuit Order of the Free Mason Illuminati and the Rothschild banking family who have absolutely no legitimate basis for being a part of any civilized living -beings. The amount of genocide and ecocide that family has wrought on the entire mankind for hundreds of years should forever be a warning to all of us what is possible that comes at us like a virus that has the potential to kill the host living planet if we do not unite together in a common vision of virtue to bring forth the life and the truth that we can all live in peace, love,harmony and balance with all living beings in the universe. Thank you one in all who pledged your lives and your fortunes and for those who have sacrificed theirs in the past 10,000 years the Babylon Company store has been running the show on this planet is truly over.

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  2. Until one understands the difference between the “people of the United States” and the “inhabitants of the United States” you will always be confused. For a complete discussion on the subject and the manner and means of making your own personal declaration of your political character and status, you may find that information with complete documentation at: http://www.freesovereignandindependent.com

    Happy learning about an important if not the most important part of our great history.


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