Oregon Eastern Statewide Grand Jury’ Updates

The Following is in association with Harney County

10 Jun 2016 Constitutional Crime Refusal For Redress Of Grievances 23 min

Is about 14 Felony Crimes in Burns City, Harney County, Oregon by Defacto Elected or Appointed USA Oregon Officers, undeniable evidence by audio video “Public Record” Refusal For Redress Of Grievances

03 Jun 2016 Unconstitutional Crime “Resentenced 11 min

DOJ Attorney’s Office District of Oregon Billy J. Williams Et Al, “Resentenced” To Five Years In Prison Eastern Oregon Ranchers Convicted of Arson which is Felony Crime Count # 14.

24 May 2016 State Settlement Agreement Impaired  6:33 min

State Settlement Agreement Impaired is about Constitutional Crime Obligations of Contracts shall not be impaired; Under Color DOJ signed Contract with the Hammonds;  Rule 3. “If by January 1, 2016, Defendants have timely made all payments required under the settlement Agreement, the Judgment shall deemed null and void, and the obligations that Defendants have made in the Judgment shall deemed satisfied. In that event, Plaintiff shall return the Judgment to Defendants unfiled.”
On 12-31-2016 the Hammonds made all payments, total paid $400,000; four days after the DOJ Impaired the Covenant and the Hammonds were unlawfully imprisoned for a Arson crime not committed by Foresters BLM on 08-23-2006, 02-12-2016 Undeniable Evidence BLM Fires

21 May 2016 Constitutional Crime interfere traveling

Constitutional Crime Interfere Traveling is about undeniable evidence in “Court of Records” by rancher coming as victim witness, for Crime “Interfere Traveling” committed by the “Evil traditions” or “Evil Customs” FBI-HRT in Harney County Oregon.

17 May 2016 Under Color DOJ Cruel And Unusual Punishments Inflicted

On 01-04-2013 racketeered victim, Steven D. Hammond unlawfully was imprisoned 12 months; which is a cruel and unusual punishment inflicted, for the arson crime that was committed by the BLM foresters Jonathan Manski; Lance Okeson and others, to benefit the evil custom, or evil tradition, Forest BLM; Arson, criminal act of deliberately setting fire to burn Hammonds property

11 May 2016 Under Color of Law, DOJ Coercion.

05-11-2016 Under Color of Law DOJ Coercion video is about the Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management also known as the BLM forcing a fine for the amount of $400,000.00 upon the Hammonds. The Hammonds are given no choice on the subject and are also forced into a contract with the BLM giving the BLM first right to buy the Hammond Ranch if they fail. This amounts to coercion in criminal cases. Undeniable Evidence Felony Count # 11 Title: Coercion

06 May 2016 Under Colour DOJ Extortion

Extortion under color or appearance as Department Of Justice aka DOJ; Defacto Elected or Appointed Officers committed the felony crime EXTORTION CONSTITUTED by EXACTION; unfair and exorbitant amount of money $400,000.00; money willfully and corruptly received by the United States Department of Justice; for a felony crime Arson, committed by evil tradition BLM arsonist Jonathan Manski and others; then DOJ, false and malicious filed arson complaint, against Hammonds Ranch Inc.

30 Apr 2016 Legitimate right to self defense

Unalienable Right is about “We The People Patriots” “governments cannot be denied the right to legitimate defense once every means of peaceful settlement has been exhausted.”

25 Apr 2016 Arson by the BLM, Evidence 

Bureau of Land Management also known as BLM; this video is about undeniable evidence count number 9 for the crime Arson, committed by BLM defacto elected or appointed officer Lance Okeson and others.

04 Apr 2016 Racketeering Is An Organized Conspiracy

“People who’d never think about working together” like DOI, FWS, BLM, DHS, OSP, Sheriff’s Office, IRS, DOJ, FBI-HRT, Office of the Governor, The White House, worked together in Conspiracy, to steal, to murder “We The People” Patriots.
Evidence Count # 1. 04-02-2016 Ineffective Assistance Of Counsel.
Evidence Count # 2. 02-12-2016 BLM Fires
Evidence Count # 3. 03-22-2016 Conspiracy
Evidence Count # 4. 03-82-2016 BLM Breach Of Contract; Steens Mountain P. A. 2000
Evidence Count # 5. 02-14-2014 Deny Grazing Permit; Breach Amendment 7
Evidence Count # 6. 02-14-2014 Deny Grazing Permit; Breach Amendment 5
Evidence Count # 7. 02-14-2014 Deny Grazing Permit; Constitution Art. I[1] Sect. 10.
Evidence Count # 8. 02-14-2014 Deny Grazing Permit; Constitution Art.VI Supremacy.
Evidence Count # 8. 02-14-2014 Deny Grazing Permit; Crime Racketeering.

02 Apr 2016 Oregon Statewide CLGJ Summary and Update Evidence

Ineffective Assistance Of Counsel by Hammonds victims Lawyers
Chapter DR 7 Section102 Title: Representing a Client within the Bounds of the Law. Subsection (A) In his representation of a client, a lawyer shall not: Sub subsection (3) Conceal or knowingly fail to disclose that which he is required by law to reveal. See Blacks Law Dictionary 4 Edition (page 46 of 1956)

25 Mar 2016 Oregon Statewide CLGJ Summary and Update Evidence

Conspiracy Against Civil Rights – Ambush – Penal Codes – United States Code Title 18 Crimes Procedures- Chapters – Sections – education by the rule of law.

22 Mar 2016 Oregon Statewide CLGJ Summary and Update Evidence

Conspiracy by defacto elected or appointed officers with INVALID indictment not under the penalty of perjury which is unlawful

23 Feb 2016 Oregon Statewide CLGJ Summary and Update Evidence

Undeniable Evidences Constitutional Criminal Counter-Complaint Presentment by “We the People” Oregon Statewide Common Law Grand Jury Administrators

12 Feb 2016 Oregon Statewide CLGJ Summary and Update Evidence

Bureau Land Management set fires to burn ranches; to burn herds of cows; to burn grazing pastures; in order to force ranchers to gave up their ranches for BLM profit.

09 Feb 2016 Oregon Statewide CLGJ Summary and Update Evidence

Affidavit Forms, Undeniable Evidence BLM Employee Brags on Stealing Land From “We The People”, Do Not Breach The Rule Of Law

02 Feb 2016 Oregon Statewide CLGJ Summary and Update Evidence

02-02-2016 Burns City, Oregon State, requesting “We The People” to proceed accordingly in order to obtain evidences to enforce the rule of law verses de facto elected or appointed officers committing multiple unlawful Constitutional crimes.